The Union des Mutuelles d'Île-de-France

Our mission is to offer quality healthcare that is accessible to everybody and to provide information about healthy living and disease prevention, all while respecting the values of solidarity and equality that are essential to the mutual health insurance system in France. Our board of directors includes a select group of mutual health insurance companies that are also committed to this egalitarian vision of quality healthcare.

The UMIF has 100 employees working at six centers offering medical and dental care and five optical stores in the Île-de-France region.


The UMIF is the successor to the Union des Mutuelles Ouvrières, a landmark French mutual healthcare group that was first established in 1947 under the name Union des Mutuelles Ouvrières de la Région Parisienne.

The UMIF is a long-standing partner of the National Federation of Deported and Imprisoned Resistance Fighters and Patriots (FNDIRP). This partnership is based on common values of equality and solidarity, as well as a shared experience in the management of healthcare and social institutions. To strengthen this alliance, the UMIF acquired the premises of the FNDIRP in 1985 and became the manager of the Centre de Santé Alice Grosperrin, an on-site healthcare facility that was initially founded to provide medical care for deportees. Since 2016, the head offices of the UMIF have been located on these premises.

Mutual Healthcare: committed to universal access to quality healthcare

Mutual healthcare is a system that works in the public interest and is committed to ensuring the accessibility, equality, and quality of the French social security system. This system embraces the principle of solidarity when it comes to financing health insurance. The UMIF is fully committed to mutual healthcare and is a staunch defender of its values.

Mutual healthcare groups are not-for-profit companies, and, as a union of the groups, the UMIF is no exception. Whenever extra fees are required to ensure the quality of care, these fees are tightly regulated.

Our mission is to offer universal access to quality healthcare while respecting each patient. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and qualified medical personnel for all people who need treatment. We operate in France’s Ile-de-France region, which is France’s most populated region and includes the city of Paris. Our medical centers are present in six of the region’s eight departments.

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Prevention and healthcare education

We carry out regular preventive actions in our healthcare facilities, including eye tests, eye exams, and dental check-ups. We also carry out educational campaigns for young people that focus on such issues as the importance of good oral hygiene or balanced nutrition.

Innovation for better care

As part of our new strategic plan, we are now developing new initiatives to meet current healthcare challenges and to provide the healthcare that our beneficiaries expect.

We are fostering innovation in the healthcare field by collaborating with professional networks and implementing new technologies. One example of this is our telemedicine system that provides medical expertise and health services in connection with the AP-HP teaching hospital.

Our quality assurance department

If the slightest problem arises, we have a dedicated helpline (06 33 64 62 92 - servicequalité We help patients until all of their issues are resolved.

We are also committed to ensuring the top professional certification for our healthcare centers to guarantee the best reception, care, and follow-up for all of our patients.


100 employees

six centers offering medical and dental care

five optical stores